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A Technology Curriculum Content with Mathematica
by Ivan Cnop
Copyright 2004 by Ivan Cnop

This is a compilation of material I have been using with my students. It has been translated so that it can be used at a wider international scale and with your education group in particular. The final content of the material will cover most of the undergraduate curriculum in mathematics for all disciplines where mathematics is used, but it does not claim completeness yet. Individual teachers may add their own modules following the existing templates.

The material is organized in loose modules in such a way that the interdependence relation can be modified later. The modules are grouped under 6 headings below, but this does not mean they should be treated in this order.

This material is offered to the students including its programming so that they can make modifications to each module, adding new examples or trying new experiments. For teachers it would be also possible to modify according to the needs of their students, or translate it into Webmathematica demo's or into Java interactive documents with the programming executed in the background. Teachers can also add different sets of questions and objectives to it.

For the purpose of readability, texts blocks have been limited to a few lines in each document. Where necessary, teachers can add their own comments.

I hope you will have the kindness to mention my name as a reference when you spread this material further. I would like to receive any comments from you and feedback about use and student reactions. In future elaboration of subsequent material your priorities will be taken into account as much as possible.

Below are some comments on individual modules.

It is recommended to start a new session of the Mathematica Kernel before each module.

  1. Graphics Experiments
  2. Discrete and Counting
  3. Calculus
  4. Calculus 2D
  5. Fourier Plane
  6. Functions
  7. Linear Algebra Sequence

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