SCOR was chosen to begin our first attempt to 'describe' supply chains in a well-defined manner. In here, we state the Levels that of interests to us and presented, based on Version 8.0, in a graphical form the 'elements' of these levels. This is only intended for our research needs, not in any way that the content is to be taken as it is to fit into your own framework. We do welcome comparative notes on such endeavour - email us at schu at to begin a dialog.

Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3

There are other factors that will play a role in RFID adoption framework that we will be developing in here such as Performance Metrics and information flow (or iFlow later as information flow and physical flow will be considered together).
Content was based on the initial work at the Center of Cyber Logistics in 2006 in a proposal to study the East-West supply chain practice.
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