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January 1, 2005.

  • "A Technology Curriculum Content with Mathematica" is contributed by Ivan Cnop. Professor Cnop retains all the rights of the content and has given exclusive permission to Any2Any Technologies, Ltd. and ATCM, Inc. to use in the websites. No commercial use of the content is permitted.

Many of the concepts discussed in here are of intellectual nature and will be noted in here as an indication of original authorship. Patents and trademarks when filed will be noted here also. The practice here is to provide a timeline of what terms are defined when that are of the authors' as webpages.

  • 2005.12.24 ( - 'On-demand Any2Any e-Services'; AOLA

The term 'Any2Any' has been used in different aspects and here is a log of occasional scan of the Web via Google:

  • 2005.12.26 20:15 Hong Kong Time - Search of the word 'Any2Any' comes up with 2,660 entries via Google of all webpages with traditional chinese page; strangely enough, doing an English version search of 'the web' ( show only a total of 380 entries. The difference lies in the Chinese and other language (like German) pages that returned in the first search. I will do some analysis of all the entries later. Here are just a few notes: remains 'under construction' and what was posted include a maybe company name of 'any2any technology' of a MA address in the States; other mentions deal with conversion problems, from document types to graphics formats, signifying the importance of some application that can take any 'form' and convert to the other 'any' form as requested. Of course, all these any2any conversions (e.g., payment currencies) are necessary to enable the any2any interaction at business level or educational level in our cases. Found

Some reference sites:

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