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RFID-related Resources

There are a few websites that are often targeted. In here, we will put those we came across that we believe will help in the exploration of RFID-Driven e-Business.

  • 15.December.2005. Consultation Workshop on Technology Roadmap and R&D Programme, Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies (LSCM Centre)

    A booklet contains "First year starter projects" proposed by research institutions in Hong Kong. Three projects are proposed by Waiman Cheung, Sung-Chi Chu & Timon Du, the Center of Cyber Logistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The titles of these projects are:
    1. Technology for Privacy & Security Schemes in RFID-Driven Business Chains
    2. The Use of RFID in Logistics and Supply Chain Management for the Garment Industry
    3. Technology Toward EPC-based Information Agent
  • 1.July.2005. EPCglobal, Inc. released the final version of EPCglobal Architecture Framework EPCglobal Architecture Framework
  • 30.June.2005. An Open Forum is held at Hotel Nikko, Hong Kong by the Center of Cyber Logistics, CUHK
    One of the talks given was:
    RFID Adoption: What is missing?
    by Waiman Cheung, Sung-Chi Chu & Timon Du

    The powerpoint is available at the Forum site. Press release of the forum in English and Chinese.

  • 23.April.2005. In early February 2005, an identity theft incident in the United States drew attention again to the issue of privacy. Would there be SUI theft if RFID tags proliferate into every fabric of things? read more >>
  • 18.Mar.2005. Sung-Chi Chu gives a talk entitled 'Have you checked your RFID tags lately?' at the SAP user group meeting in the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park .read more >>
  • 23.Feb.2005. A 'first' EPC Developers Conference is scheduled for April 10, 2005 at Chicago hosted by VeriSign, Inc in conjunction with RFID Journal.
  • 10.Feb.2005. RFID first used in an US school for monitoring...
  • 19.Oct.2004. CUHK Consortium Leads the Business Integration of RFID Technologies for Hong Kong. Press Releases - Chinese and English

Other Related Websites (we are neither endorsing the websites that appeared below, nor neglecting those that did not appear. The presence or the absence of any company in here is purely by chance):

Timelines...Industrial Adoption & RFID Technology (developed at the Center of Cyber Logistics)


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