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Any2Any e-Platform

To facilitate any2Any (Any to Any) communications anywhere anytime in an electronic environment, a few characteristics will need to be clarified. For no better terms, we called the parties that are communicating individually as an agent. We refer to the communicating 'line' or 'lines' that effect information exchange a channel. Thus we have the following character observations:

  • Agents that are communicating do not need to be predefined. Unlike typically early e-Commerce, the communication is one-to-one (one2one) where business logics and human intelligence are the two agents.
  • A channel could be a series of different channels. The agents are not concerned of other channels, if more than one is needed, after the channel the first party agent is using.
  • The geographical position of the communicating agents does not determine the end-to-end connectivity; only the first end and the second end matters in defining the integrative channel for successful communications.

The electronic environment as a platform serves as the 'meeting place' of agents. A platform conveys the basic requirement of all participating agents will share the same channels - that is, anything said will be heard.

We will expand this discussion later [posted March 15, 2005].


A few tools/applications will be discussed. These are not the basic building blocks of a platform, but of interesting applications that help to illustrate at the first level that such applications are useful, yet they are not simple to build - quite differnet to current one2one applications found on the Web. Please visit this page for more information.

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