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There are sites that have some features that reflect the any2any idea. Here is a simple list:

  • www.donorschoose.com - a bidding concept turns to allowing donors (buyers) to choose what projects (products) to sponsor (to bid). This is a good feature that the e-Platform should enable.
  • www.tribe.net - this tribal approach to corner surfers to communities that they feel belonged. Good software tools (e.g., blog) are kept adding to the site.
  • www.boing.com - many sites like this one that allows surfers to jag on a topic of interest.


XForms   Capturing client's input has been facilitated by HTML 'form' element and CGI via HTTP on the web. With server-side data storage and business logic, data can be gathered from the client to allow both customerization and personalization where appropriate. Javascript, or other scripting languages, further extends data validation to the client side. AJAX provides hints and guidances to ensure data are entered with higher rate of accuracy and correctness. XForm, proposed by W3C, is an attempt to define this Web-based data capture by identifying the key componenets: presentation, control, and template/structure. Here are some great resources:

  • W3C Forms Working Group W3C Forms Working Group
  • Orbeon.com
  • FormFaces Form Faces
  • XForms.org XForms.org

ebXML EbXML specification defines an ebXML business process as one that makes up of Collaboration with a set of transactions. This transaction-based approach put the ebXML architecture squarely on a sequence of steps with no pre-defined structure. An ebXML business process is made up of a sequence of activities, each enabled by collaboration among parties along with appropriate documents to facilitate the information exchange. Each activity has one or more transactions. Each document is made up of a set of Information Components (IC). Each IC could have at most three components: Core, Domain (Industry-specific) and Business. Visit the ebXML site for more information ebXML



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