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The underlying assumption here is the Web, in the near future, will play the role of an electronic meeting place where interactions of almost all nature will be effected. The key, in our opinion, is the availability of an electronic platform that sits on top of the Web that provides the basic facilitation of what a global community needs. Now, we have individual websites that provide some unique functions for communities (e.g.,, or of specific interests, each of these websites most likely of using similar enabling technologies to magnetize users to the community, and other functionalities. In here, we discuss some very common e-phenomena that if they carry the any2any nature. From this, we hope to derive some common traits of these applications and their needs, common and unique, to gain the any2any label.


The following list of applications is a starting point for development with respect to the global community of participants for any-2-any communication. The reason behind the communication is no concern at this point, but we believe it would be best suited in a business environment as a start. The word 'global' carries the implication that we are limiting to a community of one, but the community of communities. The communication may be necessary between a participant of the Hong Kong political party XYZ and a participant of the 'signs' community (where promotional signs can be designed and ordered online). There are many examples, and possibilities, thus we must limit our scope before we are drown in our own creation.

We will briefly describe each application next. We will identify the commonalities and uniqueness in terms of technology development. It is a mixed bag due to the diverse exposures of the founding directors of the company. And, yes, there would be applications/ideas out there, yet not necessary in the same context. Anyone likes to develop the application? Or there exists such application already - appreciate if you could let us know.

[written jan 2005; updated dec 2006]  

 Anywhere Memo Pad

This idea comes around as one of us travelss to another country, capturing scenes, foods, and notable events and finds out that there is no effective way to record and management the information.

 Bibliography Management

This is often a nightmare for those that doing research with a mind to publish. The management of articles and the searchability of these read articles have been not well provided. There are electronic publishers that provide access online of what they owned or contracted. The search results differ and it is not uncommon to expect that (just like a Microsoft mouse not the same as that of a Apple mouse - I vaguely remember that a Mac mouse had a square button).


There are m-commerce, B2B e-commerce, location-based commerce, and even u-commerce. But there is no any2any e-commerce yet. There are some interactions between buyers of certain products (e.g., book clubs, bulletin boards, and even in blogs). We are concerned about any2any during the transactional stage before the final order. Did we ever think about interacting with a shopper in the same store who is looking at the same product that you are looking at? Social behaviour discourages such uninvited interaction1.

 Manuscript Search

We will provide an indexing service of PDF files. The PDF file must be legally obtained and a URL provided.


 Mobile Mail SMS

This software may not be possible for 'global' usage due to the governmental differences, operators' interests and different mobile network technologies (GSM, EDGE, CDMA, ...). The idea is for any2any communication with active messages that on-demand activate intelligent Web-dwelling agents can convert accordingly.

 Online JukeBox

This software just duplicates the simply idea of a Jukebox for ALL. The Jukebox can leverage the individual songs now Internet users have stored in their network-connected computers - a twist of Napster or BT (Bit Terrent), or leverage the songs of the publishing corporations. Nonetheless, it should be provided with lyrics. The Jukebox must be device-independent (XSLT + a universal cross CODECs!!)

 Photo Management

This software is simply to understand, yet difficult to implement if 'photo searching' is enabled. We do not want to search photos based on the correct use of filename to describe the content of the photo, but search the photo content as in 'photos of the Rockies.' The management aspects are similar to some of the features provided by photo album software, such as Flickr Yahoo's Photo Management Site, Webshots Webshots, and Shutterfly (as discussed in [2]).

 Prospect Tracking

This software tracks known persons or things or products.

1 In the 'Introduction to the Special Issue" (International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Vol 8, No 1, 5-22, 2003), the authors suggested that mobile B2B may create some social issues that are similar but are "switched".

2 BusinessWeek (Asian Edition), September 26, 2005, p71. Websites visited on Oct 2, 2005





1 In the 'Introduction to the Special Issue" (International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Vol 8, No 1, 5-22, 2003), the authors suggested that mobile B2B may create some social issues that are similar but are "switched".

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