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Welcome to the Special Interest Group in AOLA (SIGAOLA). This SIG was initiated by Sung-Chi Chu, and announced at ATCM 2004 thus marking the inception of an effort to realize, in general, a cyber environment where resources and knowledge can be shared in earnest with no immediate commercial gain, but only the gain of those who participate, and those who hopefully wil benefit from the knowledge of the participants of this cyber environment - an any2any community.

The impacts of this SIG cannot be measured since it is just the beginning. But we can and will articulate the perceived impacts later. The impacts can only be realized by the effort of no one person, but of many who would and could contribute to this collaborative effort. In here, we limit our scope of AOLA to 'activity-based Mathematics education.'

We need your participation and contribution. How you can contribute:

  1. By listening to our development and provide your feedback when your time permits - Join the SIGAOLA mailing list.
  2. By becoming a member of the Steering Committee - Collaborate.
  3. By contributing to the e-Learning Platform with technology tools, sample activities (content), software components, etc. - Contribute.
  4. By sponsoring SIGAOLA with financial contributions, in return, an online advertisement (moderated) will be posted - Sponsor.

Your opinions will always be listened and welcomed. Please direct your comments and suggestions to Sung-Chi at Response will always be provided given time. The ActivityML was shown in ATCM2005.

Contact us in Hong Kong at (852) 9532 5959
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