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The 10th Anniversary CD for ATCM can be accessed here [] via this website [] - updated March 4, 2006.
In the 'Trig Graphs Match-up Puzzles', the drag-and-drop within a Java applet window allows the learner to do the association of symbolic equations to graphical representations. Wrong association will be given an explanation. The "Trigonometric Functions" appears in "Resources for pre-calculus II".
Institutions and Associations
American Mathematical Society [] - visited January 2, 2006 A snapshot of the home page; this site provides a much more comprehensive list of 'Societies, Associations and Organizations' AMS's societies, associations and organizations list - a funded project by the US DOE until September 29, 2005; new website at with subscription fee; is a resource site for 'math and science' teaching
Mathematical Association of America [] - visited January 2, 2006 A snapshot of the home page
Math Forum, Drexel University [] - visited January 2, 2006
TERC, "Mathematics and Science Education for the Future" - could not find easily what TERC stands for. An article, "Technology Meets Math Education: Envisioning A Practical Future Forum on the Future of Technology in Education" , points to TERC from where the author (Andee Rubin) of the article is.
Texas A&M University at College Station [] - another NSF funded project called "National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics" at Utah State University. It covers Pre-K to 12 activities covering "number and operations", "algebra", "geometry", "measurement", and "data anaysis & probability". Visiting a few of the lessons on the 9-12 algebra, a consistent user interface (GUI) with lesson plans on the right (for some), and a 'standard' button that refers to 'principles and standards' as defined by the "National Council of Teachers of Mathematics" (NCTM). That is good as there are some gauges to measure the performance and what the kids should be learning (from a perspective). This should be considered in the design of AOLA.
World Wide Web Consortium []
Technology URL Links that Appear in this AOLA Framework site
ActionScript []: Scripting in Macromedia's Flash proprietary standards

ActiveMath []

ActivityML (Activty Markup Language) - under development by S. Chu (April 2006) Standards
Amaya []: a web editor/browser jointly developed by W3C and the WAM (Web, Adaptation and Multimedia) project at INRIA; contents are sensitive to XHTML, CSS, MathML and SVG. If you already have a favourite browser and only like to view MathML content, then there are other options such as the MathPlayer plug-in (to keep only one browser on your desktop); Open Source Tools for Mathematics
Autograph - Autograph 3 [visited site December 26, 2005] Commercial Mathematical Software
AXIOM []: Axiom is a general purpose Computer Algebra system. It is useful for research and development of mathematical algorithms. The Axiom Language provides a very high level way to express abstract mathematical concepts that are collected in the Axiom Library which defines over 1,000 strongly-typed mathematical domains and categories. Open Source Mathematical Software
Blackboard Managed Learning Environment (MLE)
Cabri - Cabri 3D 1.1 [visited site December 26, 2005] Commercial Mathematical Software
Calculus Wiz: Calculus WIZ is an interactive calculus tutorial that's simple, powerful, and easy to understand. Learning Tool
DocBook [] Standards
ELGG []: "Elgg is a robust open source social application engine."  
The Geometer's SketchPad - Version 4 [visited site December 26, 2005] Commercial Mathematical Software
LAMS []:workflow engine in learning environment; allows teachers to create learning activityflow graphically. Each activity of course can be an AOLA e-activity. Commercial Learning Tool
LyX []: WYSIWYM (...what you mean) - it has a tool to enter mathematics symbols, thus formulae; it would be best to use to produce documents, not necessary for use in the Web, and the 'maths' is not 'actionable'. Yet, the promise of this software is that it is open source and it could take up capability to just do that Authoring Tool (editor)
Maxima (CAS) []: Maxima is a system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, including differentiation, integration, Taylor series, Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear equations, and vectors, matrices, and tensors. Version 5.9.2 was released October 17, 2005. Open Source Mathematical Software
MathML []: a markup language to allow the inclusion of mathematical expressions in Web pages; the specification is at the primitive level where mathematics symbols are best used as well-defined representation. If symbols are used for derived meaning, then approaches similar to OpenMath should be used. Most likely we do not need to know how to compose mathematics expressions in MathML (just like we do not need to know HTML to compose web pages), editor software will be used instead. Standards
Mathcad - Mathcad 13 Commercial Mathematical Software
MathXpert: MathXpert helps learn (algebra, pre-calculus and calculus) by solving problems with guiding steps Learning Tool
Maple - Maple 10 was released on September 2005 [1] Commercial Mathematical Software
MatLab - Matlab 7.1 was released on September 2005 [3] Commercial Mathematical Software
Mathematica - Mathematica 5.2 was released on July 2005 [2] Commercial Mathematical Software
Moodle Managed Learning Environment (MLE)
MuPad - MuPAD Pro 3.1.1 Commercial Mathematical Software
OpenMath [] Standards
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) []: PNG is an extensible file format for the lossless, portable, well-compressed storage of raster images. PNG provides a patent-free replacement for GIF and can also replace many common uses of TIFF. First recommendation in 1996, with 2nd edition at 2003 - which also becomes an ISO standard, ISO/IEC 15948:2003 (E). Standards
RELOAD []: Reusable eLearning Object Authoring & Delivery - not particularly targeted at Maths content Authoring Tool
Scientific WorkPlace - Scientific WorkPlace 5.5 Commercial Mathematical Software
SCORM []: Shareable Content Object Reference Model developed by DoD and distributed via the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative Network; could this be ActivityML? Standards
TTH []: a TeX to HTML translator written in C, distributed for non-commercial use. The tool provides an immediate solution to putting equations (in TeX format) to the Web. See Design Science link for another approach to put maths on the Web. Authoring Tool (rendering)
UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) []: version 3 specification was released and ratified as OASIS Standard on 3.Feb.2005 Standards
Unicode []: a single coding system to represent every character of any language; consult ISO/IEC 10646 also. Standards
Universal Business Language [] Standards
WebCT has WebCT Campus Edition (Course Management System) and WebCT Vista (Academic Enterprise System) Managed Learning Environment (MLE)
WebEQ []: an equation editor that generates both Presentation and Content MathML, using Java and MathML technology. Commercial Mathematical Software
Wiris [] Authoring Tool (editor)
URL Links of Interests (gathered from other sites)
Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) []
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